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The Land of Fortresses bicycle trail takes you past all seven forts and fortifications of this region (including Muiderslot) that together form part of the New Dutch Waterline and the Defense Line of Amsterdam. The first five forts are open to visitors. Also, there are severalrestaurants along the way. A recent addition to the tour of the Land of Fortresses is a magnificent historical audio guide, complemented by numerous historical images. To give you a taste of ​​what is to come, you can watch this video about the Fortress Stretch. We are excited to now offer you the full experience on your tour!

We’ve mapped out a route through the Land of Fortresses. Simply follow this series of bicycle junctions: 16,17,18,33,78,79,35,34,49,48,47,45,44,16. (see attached photo for an example of a sign of a bicycle junction)

Attention! Where this tour takes you away from the trail of bicycle junctions to go to a fortress or other site of historical importance, you can use the map given with the audio tour to get you back on track. With each point, brief directions will be indicated.

Starting point (free parking): P1 Muiden -T-junction Maxisweg / Weesperweg, Muiden. To get to bicycle junction 16, go from the parking lot towards the intersection Weesperweg / Maxisweg. Cross the road here and turn left, biking down to node 16. You are welcome to begin the biketour from any other node along the route. Weesp and Bussum are ideal starting points if you would like to rent a bicycle for the tour. Find more information below about bike rental at 3 locations.

Suggested alternative starting points:

Fort Uitermeer -Weesp

Address: Parking at Fort Uitermeer /Restaurant Uit & Meer, Uitermeer 5, Weesp

TOP / VVV Bussum - The Zandzee

Address: Parking at Sport Center Zandzee, Struikheiweg 14, Bussum

Naarden Visitor Center / VVV Naarden

Address: Utrechtse poort, Ruysdealplein,Naarden

Bike rental in the Land of Fortresses

Fietspoint Weesp – NS railway station

Assortment for rent: 20 top brand bicycles with3 gears and hand brakes. Identification and deposit up front are required. Reservations by phone only. Open seven days a week, between the arrival of thefirst and departure of the last train. Address: Stationsplein 2A, Weesp. Tel.0294-411690 / Attention! 50 euro cash deposit per bike (no ATM available).

Sports Center Zandzee - Bussum

Assortment for rent: Union unisex bicycles with 7 gears, also electric bikes. Walking distance from station Bussum-Zuid(700 m).

Address: Struikheiweg 14, Bussum. Tel. 035-6933554 /

Rijwielshop Naarden Bussum - NS bicyclepoint

Assortment for rent: Women's and men's OV-bicycles. No electric bicycles. Deposit and ID required. Reservation required in the summer.Open: Mon - Fri 7-19 pm, Sat 8-19 pm, so closed. Address: Stationsplein 3, 1404AM Bussum. Tel. 035-694 5530 /

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