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Starting point of this tour is the Westbatterij, 1398 ZA te Muiden.

Welcome to Muiden, a beautiful, historic fortified town. The name Muiden is derived from the medieval name of the town, Amuda. It means: at the mouth of the ‘A’. And ‘A’ is an old nickname for the River Vecht. So the town lies at the mouth of the Vecht, and that is a strategically significant spot. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, it also grew to become an important fortified town. That is to say, a town providing protection for a strategic location, in this case, the city of Amsterdam. In a town such as this one dedicated to defense, you’ll find many ramparts and moats. Muiden is also home to a fort and a battery for the protection of the city.

Additionally, Muiden is famous for her locks. These have a primarily military function. The Zuiderzee, the River Vecht, several large lakes and these locks made inundation possible: the deliberate flooding of certain areas of land. It was here in Muiden, in 1672, that Holland withdrew behind the waterline and was able to stop the French troops by means of inundation. It marked the beginning of the Old Dutch Waterline. And from 1892 onwards, the town made up part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.

In 1926, the Muiden Fortress was formally retired. Still, there are many elements in the town that remind us of its history as a fortress and town at the waterline. Allow yourself to be enchanted by this charming historic town.

This audio tour is a product of the collaboration between iTRovator and the RegionalTourist Office Gooi & Vecht en Oneindig Noord-Holland. Look for more touristic information about the Gooi & Vecht region at www.vvvgooivecht.nl.

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