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Start: Nieuwstad at the bridge. Turn left into Nieuwstad and turn left into the third lane, the Kromme Elleboogsteeg.

Welcome to the fortified town of Weesp, a place with centuries of history. Already halfway through the 12th century, we find the name Weesp (Wesepe) written in a contract. This settlement was in a strategic position, at the junction of two rivers: the Vecht and the Smal Weesp, an excellent choice for a budding future in commerce. However, it was also located on the border between Holland and Utrecht, explaining the military history that can be seen everywhere in this region. In 1355, Weesp received city rights. The small city was prosperous first due to a significant textile industry, then beer breweries and from the 16th up to the 18th century brandy and gin distilleries. For a century long after this, Weesp fell into poverty, until cocoa factory Van Houten settled here around 1850. This led to an economic boost that revived Weesp once again, a revival that continues to this day.

Weesp, just like Muiden that lies a little further down the River Vecht, was once a part of the three defense lines: the Old and New Dutch Waterline and the Defense of Amsterdam. The earthen walls dating from the 17th and 19th century still stand at the east and south sides of the city.

During this tour you will discover how beautiful and special Weesp is. Historical imagery brings the past to life.
The tour begins from Nieuwstad, at the bridge. We wish you a fascinating and enjoyable walking tour through this lovely little fortified town.


By car: Free parking at the Achtergracht Parking Lot (AlbertHeijn supermarket). Entrance along the street, Groeneweg.

By train: Weesp Station. 

By bus: busroute 122, bus stop Achtergracht

This audio tour is a product of the collaboration between iTRovator and the RegionalTourist Office Gooi & Vecht. With special thanks, for the contribution of content for this tour, to JuliëtteJonker, Vecht Exclusief

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