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The boat tour can begin from any location between Oud-Zuilen and Muiden. Be sure to look up your starting location on the map of this app. By beginning your tour from the right spot, you’ll get to see all of the sights in the right order of your audio guide.

Note: This app shows you the sights from South to North. If you are heading North to South please reverse the order of your audio tour, simply click backwards instead of forward in the app to go to the next sight.

Rental company for a boat and decent starting point:

 - Boei26 in Maarssen, Straatweg 26, Maarssen. Making a reservation is advised: +31 346554400.

The Vecht...

The River Vecht starts in Utrecht at the Weerdsluis lock and winds northward for 44 km through historic villages and a varied landscape, finally merging into the IJ Lake at Muiden. Before the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal was built in 1892, the River Vecht served as the largest vein of transport between Amsterdam and the Rhine.

Unique to this river is that you can still see remnants of history from over 1000 years ago, from the 10th century reclamation ditches to Medieval castles, from beautiful estates dating to the Golden Age to the New Dutch Waterline, industrial windmills and modern villas and houseboats.

Enjoy all the beauty to be found along the River Vecht!

This audio tour is a product of the collaboration between iTRovator and the RegionalTourist Office Gooi & Vecht. With special thanks, for the contribution of content for this tour, to JuliëtteJonker, Vecht Exclusief

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